This blog is named The Oil for Your Lamp after a picture the Bible paints to help us understand the connection between the Lord’s Word and salvation.  Scripture often refers to the Lord as ‘The Light,’ and to His Word as ‘oil.’  This is a picture that every ancient Hebrew would have easily understood.  In ancient times, people used small lamps to provide light, like the one in our picture.  They were usually made out of baked clay and fueled by olive oil.  By connecting the Lord’s Word to the image of the lamp, every ancient Hebrew would have immediately understood the relationship between the Lord’s Word that the Lord’s Word can be thought of as the oil that fuels the light by which a person can see to stay on the narrow path which leads to eternal life.

We find  this illustration throughout the Scriptures.  The Bible teaches us that the Lord is the Light of the World (John 8:12).  Without the Lord, the entire universe would be in darkness (Gen 1:2) and all of us would be hopelessly lost.  This is not only a statement about a physical reality, but also a statement of a spiritual reality.  Without light, we stumble and grope in the darkness.  Without the Lord’s Word, we stumble and grope in spiritual darkness.  One darkness refers to physical blindness, the other to spiritual blindness.  Likewise, the Lord provides both physical and spiritual light.  He helps us to see both physically and spiritually.  This is why all those who seek to follow and obey the Lord should seek to know and understand His Word fore, without Him, no one can hope to find their way.

This is why I blog: to help other believers strengthen their faith by sharing what I have learned about the Lord’s Word and how it applies to our modern lives.  Hence, this blog is oil for your lamp (only, in this case, your lamp is not the Lord, but your understanding of His Word).