The Lord has made it clear that He expects me to teach the believers.  To this end, He has equipped me with a desire and ability to learn.  As a result, He has driven me to not only read the Scriptures, but also to study the revelations He has given to other believers.  He has also given me a spirit of discernment; an ability to sort wheat from chaff, so to speak.  He has made me so that I can put the bigger picture together by sorting through all the teachings I encounter and holding to the Truth while discarding false teachings.   Once I have a sound understanding of something, the Lord pushes me to teach that Truth to other believers.  In fact, He will not let me rest until I do.  However, I do not claim to be a prophet or to have some special revelation.  At best, I may be a scribe, but nothing more.  All I know for sure is that nothing I do it for or about me. My calling is all about serving the Lord by  helping to build up the faith of other believers.  I do this primarily by helping them to better understand the Lord’s Word and how He works in our daily lives.

Let me say that again. I am not a prophet.  I do not claim to have any new or special revelations.  My only gifts are for reading a great deal more than most, holding what I read up to Scripture and spotting contradictions.  In this way, I am able to weave the little pieces that we are each given into a bigger picture, then share that picture with other believers.  This is all I do: I put the pieces of the puzzle together, nothing more.  But this does not mean that I am not qualified to teach others.  The truth is, anyone who can demonstrate they have a proper understanding of the Lord’s Word is qualified to teach and, in many cases, has a duty to teach.  I know this is the truth because it is exactly what Scripture teaches.  So I am not offering my opinion on this matter, I am merely repeating what Scripture has already said.

This is the purpose of The OYL: to help me teach the Lord’s Word to whoever has ears to hear.

[That said, it is my sincere prayer that this blog will lead at least one person who is currently off the narrow path to know and accept the Lord as their personal Savior.]