I used to be very wrapped up in the things of this world — especially politics.  Back then, I thought of myself as  a “Conservative.”  Later, as I started to learn more about what that means, I came to think of myself as a “Classic Liberal.”  I started blogging so I could ‘share’ my opinions with others, but I was really just looking to get recognition for running my mouth.  I started on a local news paper forum.  That lead to me being invited to participate on a friend’s political blog, both as a guest contributor and editor.  From there, I started two blogs of my own, The Road to Concord and The OYL.  Back then, I believed I was doing something useful, but today, I know I was just servicing my ego.  I really wasn’t doing any good at all.  In fact, I was just making things worse.

When I first started blogging, I did so mostly because I thought people needed to be ‘educated,’ and I was presumptuous enough to believe I was the one who needed to ‘educate’ them.  Blogging gave me the voice I needed to do this ‘educating.”  At the time, I did not see how wrong I was.  Not only was I wrong about the things I believed, but I was wrong in the way I was trying to convince others to agree with me.  I was proud, arrogant and — frankly — an ugly person.  Worse, I reveled in it all.  Had I stayed that course, I am convinced it would have cost me my soul, but no more!  Thankfully, the Lord saved me from myself.  Now, nothing I do is about me.  Now I blog to build others up by sharing what the Lord has revealed to me.

It started about five years ago, when the Lo