I do not believe in the Lord because of any reasoning, or any signs or any proof to which I can point.  I believe in Him simply because of what I know He has done in my life.

I have always believed in the Lord, and I thought I belonged to Him — but I was wrong!  I prayed, but I now know He did not hear me.  He did not hear me because I had not surrendered to Him.  I had not converted.  You see, it is not enough to believe.  Even the Devil and his demons believe.  No, you have to surrender to Him; to make Him the Lord of your life.  You will know you have done this when you start to turn from your sinful ways and to obey His commands.

When I was young, I boasted that I would never have kids, never be a mechanic, never be a businessman and never ever be a teacher.  There is a lesson in this, and that is to never boast or tempt the Lord.  Today, when I look back on my life, I can see that the Lord accepted my challenge, and He used everything I said I would never do to make me into the person He needs me to be, and to equip me to do what He needs me to do.

I joined the U.S. Marines right out of high school, and the Marines made me into a mechanic.  (Later, I would use the skills I learned as a mechanic in the Marines to work my way through college, where I would learn and sharpen the skills I would need to sort wheat from chaff and to teach the believers).

Shortly after I joined the Marines, I got married and had my first of three son (Eventually, I would have three sons, and the Lord would not only bless me through them, but He would also use them to help me understand His Word).

After I left the Marines, I bounced around between jobs until I started my own business (The Lord would use this to provide for my financial needs in a way that freed me from obligations to anyone but Him).

My business was a huge success, and it inflated my arrogance and pride.  But I mismanaged my business and, eventually, I lost it for two years.  (It was this event that humbled me and finally caused me to surrender to and make the Lord Master of my life.  This was the period in my life when I finally became a part of the Lord’s people and I started to apply all of the gifts and talents He had given me toward learning His Word).

After I had spent a couple years studying the Lord’s Word, He made me a teacher.  I became a Bible Study and Discipleship teacher in my Church (This was when the Lord made it known to me that my talents and my role in His Church was to teach the believers).

As a result of all this, I became much more humble and obedient to the Lord.  My view of everything changed.  I started to value service to the Lord, and to see serving others as service to the Lord.  I changed my financial practices.  I stopped chasing after material things as much as I had and started to give to the Lord — and I gave with a willing and glad heart.  My marriage got stronger, as did my friendships.  I learned how to treat others better, and to put them and their needs before me.  I learned to obey.

As a result, I was restored.  I got my business back, and I have been blessed through it ever since.  My customers are loyal, and I see them as friends.  I have not gotten rich, but my bills have been paid every month for the past four years.  My blog started to gain readers, and I have been encouraged by my readers.  I have even been blessed by a reader who has provided the means to move the blog site so I can run it from an independent hosting agency.  My personal life has also been better.  I no longer fear and fret over things.  I have peace, and my marriage is better than I had ever imagined possible.  But most importantly, I have a strong relationship with the Lord.  I even hear His voice.  He guides me in most everything I do and, when I start to stray, He does not have to do much to get me to return to the correct path.

Finally, I have been blessed with the crystal clear understanding of what the Lord has given me to do.  Now, I know there may be more to it, and that it may change, but — right now — I know what I am supposed to be doing.  My job is to study the Lord’s Word, sort wheat from chaff and teach it to the believers.  A major part of teaching the Lord’s Word to the believers is to warn them.  To call them to repentance and to obedience of the Lord’s Commands.  The Church has fallen prey to may false teachers; wolves in sheep’s’ clothing.  There are even demons in our pulpits, and only the faithful teaching of the Lord’s Word can protect His people from these snares.

Now, I do not revel in being called to sound such warnings, or teach the Lord’s Word.  I cannot think of a single person in Scripture who was called to do this who did not pay a high price for their faithfulness.  Many of them were martyred, so I do not expect a different fate.  But I know that I am uniquely qualified to the mission I have been given.  I do not fear the things most people fear.  I do not fear to tell the most powerful among us that they are wrong, or to point an accusing finger at them and tell them they are sinners.  I can do this because I know that I am no different.  I have been just as wrong, and am just as much a sinner.  But I seek the Truth, no matter what the cost, and the Lord knows it because He made me this way, and for this reason.

This is why I believe in the Lord, and how I know — know that He is real!  All I care about now is that I be faithful enough to stick to the path He has set before me — no matter what the cost.  And lest anyone think I am boasting, let me state this clearly.  Without Him to strengthen me, I know I will fail, but by His strength, I know I cannot fail.  This is why all my hope and faith is in Him and not in any man, not even myself.