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UNDERSTANDING SCRIPTURE: Has the Size of Your Jesus Been ‘Lost in Translation?’

Believers have all heard that Jesus is ‘The Word,’ but I wonder: How many of us truly understand what that means? I know I didn’t — not until I read John 1 in Greek.  But, once I did, I understood … Continue reading


CONNECTING THE DOTS: How Abortion is Connected to the American Left’s Defense of Illegal Aliens

I wonder how many people realize that abortion is directly related to the American Left’s defense of illegal aliens?  On the surface, the two issues would not seem to be connected — but they are.  If you will give me … Continue reading


LAWLESSNESS: 9th Circuit Ruling on Trump Travel ban is an Open Display of Lawlessness

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I’ve been blogging for about seven years know, and the law has been one of my primary focal points.  However, since I am not a lawyer, and I do not hold any type of formal law degree, I am often … Continue reading


PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: On The Issue Of Illegal Immigration (Aliens)

I saw something today that got me to thinking about the Natural Law behind the immigration issue.  As with many things, understanding the definitions behind the words we use can clear up a lot of the confusion surrounding a given … Continue reading