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LESSONS IN LOGIC: Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Even Know Why He’s Wrong

I found the following video on FaceBook.  It shows Richard Dawkins attempting to answer the question: “Why can we trust science?”  I also read some of the comments made by people who think Dawkins made a point.  They mocked believers … Continue reading


UNDERSTANDING SCRIPTURE: Has the Size of Your Jesus Been ‘Lost in Translation?’

Believers have all heard that Jesus is ‘The Word,’ but I wonder: How many of us truly understand what that means? I know I didn’t — not until I read John 1 in Greek.  But, once I did, I understood … Continue reading


LESSONS IN LOGIC: The 2017 Audi Super Bowl Commercial is Total Propaganda

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The title of this post is rather bold, but it is also the Truth.  Audi not only revealed themselves to be a hypocritical company, but, in defending the message in their commercial, they have admitted they intentionally lied.  If you … Continue reading



THE SLIPPERY SLOPE Logic has rules.  When you break one of these rules, especially when you do so for the purpose of deceiving others, it is called a fallacy.  Some fallacies are so common that they have been given special … Continue reading