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UNDERSTANDING SCRIPTURE: We Are Not Called To Accept The Ways Of the Lost

The Church of today has many problems, but I cannot think of one any more serious than its embrace of the world’s view of what it means to ‘love’ others.  I have written about this on The OYL many times.  … Continue reading


LESSONS IN LOGIC: Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Even Know Why He’s Wrong

I found the following video on FaceBook.  It shows Richard Dawkins attempting to answer the question: “Why can we trust science?”  I also read some of the comments made by people who think Dawkins made a point.  They mocked believers … Continue reading


LAMENTATIONS: My Hand in the Attack on Attorney General Sessions

I wrote a post on The Road to Concord which explains how it is a violation of Natural Law to give the press immunity from the consequences of their actions.  I say Natural law, but believers should realize that Natural … Continue reading