The March Toward Tyranny Celebrated in a National Monument

I was listening to a story about Calvin Coolidge today, and I was struck by the realization that Mount Rushmore is actually a symbolic representation of America’s fall from Grace.  Sadly, even after I have explained why this is true, I doubt many will see it.  Still, explain I will.

The story I heard was about how President Coolidge decided not to run for a second term as President.  While visiting South Dakota, he went to see how the work on Mount Rushmore was progressing (it was under construction at that time).  While there, Coolidge said he was struck by the arrogance of the whole thing and decided that he did not want to be such a man.  You see, Coolidge was of an old breed.  He had principles, born of true humility.  He understood service, and that the Presidency was not about the man, but about serving the American people.  So, faced with a monument that declared the glory of men who sought their own glory, Coolidge chose to walk away.

As I listed to the story, I remembered who was on Mount Rushmore.  That’s when it hit me: when Coolidge was standing there, looking up at that monument to the arrogance of man, he completed a circle: a circle that can only be seen when you know the story of the men who were present.

The circle starts with George Washington.  Were it not for Washington, this nation probably wouldn’t have ever been.  But Washington was rooted in a deep belief in the God of the Bible.  Often criticized as not being a Christian, such attacks only stand because the people who make them do not realize that, while he did not cote the passages, Washington cited Scripture as a matter of habit. You see, he didn’t have to declare his faith, he lived it!  And because he lived it, he was humble.  And because he was humble, he did not seek personal glory.  This is why Washington had to be repeatedly drug back to the service of his country.  He did not force himself on America; America forced itself on him.

Then we have Jefferson.  With the passage of time, Jefferson has been elevated to a higher reputation among our founders than he enjoyed while the founders were still alive.  Yes, he was the right man for the job when he penned the Declaration of Independence, but he was the wrong man to have had a hand in anything else afterward.  This is because Jefferson was confused in his belief in God.  This faltering of faith often lead Jefferson to act counter to the moral beliefs he so eloquently espoused.  You see, he professed a faith, but he had trouble living it.  I believe it is why Providence saw to it that Jefferson was not around during the drafting of the Constitution.  I believe it is also why he has been raised to such heights over the other founders: because his religious ambiguity serves the purpose of those who came next.

Third in the circle is Lincoln.  When he entered the office for the first time, Lincoln was agnostic — if not a true Atheist.  Because he had no moral foundation, he acted lawlessly.  When Lincoln declared war on the Southern States, he destroyed the Constitution.  Today, we are a federation in name only.  Since the time of Lincoln, we have had a national government, and the Constitution was never intended to control a national government.    This is because a key part in the system of checks and balances has been subordinated to the powers in Washington, D.C. — the States!  Lincoln destroyed the sovereignty of the States, and he did so because he had no fear of or respect for the law.  However, his service in the office of President drove him to the Lord, and it was after Lincoln surrendered to God that he managed to salvage something of the mess he had made.

This brings us to Theodore Roosevelt.  He was the man who gave us Progressivism.  Washington was firm in his faith in God, Jefferson wavered in his belief and Lincoln was indifferent, at best.  But Progressives?  Progressives believe they are gods!  And Teddy acted the part.  He nationalized this nation and her people, and set us down the path toward Socialism — and destruction.  Woodrow Wilson wrested the mantle of Progressivism from Roosevelt and openly declared that he would use the ideology to bring Communism to America.

Finally, we have Coolidge, another man of firm faith in God, and true humility.  as he looked up at the work on Mount Rushmore, I can only wonder whether or not Coolidge saw the same thing I saw as I listened to the story of why he chose not to run for a second term?  For his sake, I hope he didn’t.  I’d hate to think that the man who was closest to Washington’s stature than any other President since had seen and understood that this nation had willingly surrendered everything the founders had fought to give us  and embraced a bigger form of the tyranny from which they fought to free us.  But it’s there for anyone to see — anyone who knows the history behind these five Presidents, and the connection between their faith and the path down which they lead this nation.

7 responses to “The March Toward Tyranny Celebrated in a National Monument

  1. Disagree with you about Jefferson…….agree 1000% About TR. Agree with most of Lincoln but the last. Lincoln in my view salvaged nothing….rather savaged everything.

  2. Jefferson was justified in launching the Barbary wars, but only marginally. But he did act contrary to the Constitution on several occasions, the most notable was the Louisiana Purchase. It’s like I said, he is tough, but it is because he was conflicted in his reasoning as compared to his actions, and I do believe this was connected to his shaky faith.

    As for Lincoln, I agree with you. However, AFTER he turned to God, he at least managed to salvage the union — battered as it was.

    • Fair enough on Jefferson.

      Lincoln didn’t salvage the union….the Post War union was an artifact based on the Gun……NOT on voluntary inclinations. That by definition was the exact opposite of a Union. Thus he MORPHED the Union into a ‘compliance state’ held together under threat of annihilation …..which latter, after his time, took the form of the 16th Amendment and intimidation by both Guns and Jail via the IRS and the Treasury Dept.

      In my view Lincoln completely RUINED the Union. He preserved the Centralized State to compete with 19th Century European imperialism. But the country was disformed irreparably because of Lincoln. In fact the Hegelian movement from Germany had a ready support base by the 1870s directly because the Centralized Federal Government lent legitimacy to nascent Hegelian Dialectic.

      • Regarding Lincoln, I have to agree. Thank you for putting a better focus on his role. Still, that doesn’t weaken, but strengthens the theme of this post. If Lincoln morphed the Union into a single State, Teddy represents the first real American dictator. As such, he marks the end of the nation our founders built and the start of something entirely different 🙁

  3. Interesting post regarding the presidents on Mt. Rushmore. I know that I may be criticized for writing this, but I don’t think that monuments or statues make a person equal to or better than God. All human beings are flawed and sinners; some more than others but that is why Christ came to die for our sins in order to redeem us.

    Harry Truman was a flawed man, but his role in recognizing the renewed State of Israel was biblically prophetic as well as historically significant. He isn’t on Mt. Rushmore or in a huge monument on the National Mall, but his contribution for being the first leader in the United Nations to recognize Israel as the renewed Jewish State demonstrated his biblically-based faith in God and the upbringing that brought him to that very significant role in his life.

    • I have no problem with your comment, except that you are addressing soemthing different from what I describe in the post 🙂

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