LAMENTATIONS: My Hand in the Attack on Attorney General Sessions

I wrote a post on The Road to Concord which explains how it is a violation of Natural Law to give the press immunity from the consequences of their actions.  I say Natural law, but believers should realize that Natural Law is still a part of God’s Law.  Paul discusses this in Romans 1 and 2.  Scripture is very clear on this issue: we are each responsible for our own actions.  Therefore, it is an act of lawlessness to claim or grant immunity for wrongdoing.  However, as guilty as the press may be, I cannot have sympathy for those who bear responsibility for creating and perpetuating the environment which allows the press to harm others.  In this case, I am speaking specifically of the pressure being brought to bear on Attorney General, Sessions.  I cannot view him as an ‘innocent’ party in what is happening to him because — for many years — he was part of a body that gave itself immunity from its own laws.  This is one of the things Jesus condemned the pharisees for doing.  Therefore, when I watch what is happening to Sessions right now, I am fearfully reminded that the Lord said we shall reap what we sow.  And I say fearful because, as much as I realize he and the nation are suffering, I also see my own guilt in what is happening to us all.  You see, we all had a hand in making and perpetuating this mess, and now we are all reaping hat we have sewn.

Let me start by admitting that I am writing about myself as much as Attorney General, Sessions.  I see my own guilt in everything which I am about to say.  So, please, do not think I seek to excuse myself — far from it.  I simply seek to help others see through clear eyes, so that we may all see and accept our own part in what has become a national tragedy.

Attorney General Sessions is being attacked unjustly.  There is no evidence that he has done anything wrong.  What is happening is nothing more than a political attack for the purposes of destroying the Party in power.  But Sessions is not innocent.  For the majority of his life, he helped create and sustain the beast that now seeks to devour him.  You see, Congress not only ignores justice and passes unjust laws, but it exempts itself and its friends from the affect of those laws.  It is proof that Solomon was correct: there is nothing new under the sun.  Men are just as corrupt today as they have ever been.  But there is not a single innocent person in the House or Senate, so none of them who get eaten by the machine they created is innocent — none!

Now, lest the reader think I am judging, or judging unfairly, I would remind the reader that Article I, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution empowers the Senate and the Congress with the authority to police and — if necessary — remove any of its own members.  So, when the first members of either body first started to go astray and give in to personal interest and corruption, the rest of that body could and should have kicked them out of that body.  But that didn’t happen. It still doesn’t happen.  Were it not for their position in the Congress, many of the current membership could be and probably would be indicted and prosecuted for crimes.  Yes, there are men and women in the House and Senate who, were they not holding office, would most likely be in jail.  Yet, no one seeks to remove these people from the government.  Now, some may excuse this, but I can’t.  I can’t excuse it because I know that, on the day I answer to the Lord for all my wrongs, I will also be answering for every time I knowingly and willingly remained silent in the face of something I knew to be wrong.  And the Lord will be judging me by the very same principle under which our elected officials are supposed to be operating.  So, if I will be held accountable for remaining silent, why shouldn’t the People of this nation hold the Congressmen and Senators who remain silent equally accountable in the here and now?

The answer is: we should!  But too few of us do…because we are just as guilty!  We live in a nation where we are still allowed to vote, yet we continuously vote for people we know to be corrupt.  Or we vote for members of a Party when we know the Party and its leadership is corrupt.  Why?  Because we are corrupt!  Either we want what that corrupt politician promises to give us, or we want them to get back at the people we see as hurting us.  Or worse, we vote for a letter because it’s what we’ve always done.  Personally, I can look back on my life and remember times when I have done all three.  So how am I any less guilty than the Pharisees who corrupted the Law of Moses for personal gain?  The Pharisees were not only the leadership of the Church, but also the nation.  The people knew they were corrupt then, just as we should know it now.  So what has changed?  Nothing!  As a people, we are corrupt — just as the people were corrupt in the time of Christ.  And we can know this because — unlike the people in the time of Christ — we have the power to vote for people who could change things…but we don’t!  We don’t because we are still as corrupt as we have ever been.

If you’ll remember, I started by admitting that I am as guilty as Sessions.  I helped create the beast that is now devouring this nation and its people.  I supported it for many years.  Now, when I finally see clearly, I fear it is too late to stop that beast.  This is why I do not feel sympathy for Sessions — or anyone else in government who gets destroyed by the beast they created.  They are all just getting what they sewed.  Maybe, if they understood what they have done, what part they played in their own demise, maybe then I could feel sympathy for them.  But none of the people we see getting destroyed ever show any sense of higher understanding.  All they ever seem to understand is their personal loss, but never their guilt.  Well, I finally see my own guilt, and I hate myself for it.  I hate that part of me that is of this world, and all of me that still seeks the things of this world.  All this world ever does is destroy.  There are only two times when men built a nation that was close to just, and in both cases, their eyes were firmly fixed on the Lord and His Law.  This is why I am convinced that, lest we all fix our eyes on the Lord and His Law once more, this nation is doomed.  We are doomed because we have turned our back on the Source of our blessings and started to proclaim that we are our own strength.  And just look at what that strength has become: a beast that devours its own maker.  Now, how, I ask you, how does one feel sorry for those who have made such a beast when they could have just as easily stayed focused on the Lord and His laws?

[NOTE: I have placed this blog in the Lord’s hands.  I am no longer cross-blogging to other sites.  I am not pushing this blog in any way.  If others are going to find it, and if it is going to grow, it will be up to the Lord to make it happen through you, the reader.  If you like this post, or find it to be of any value, then please share it with others.  Otherwise, I will simply continue to share the understandings I have been given and, as I said earlier, I will leave the fruit of my effort for the Lord to handle.]

One response to “LAMENTATIONS: My Hand in the Attack on Attorney General Sessions

  1. Joe,
    Well stated and accepted!

    I also am convinced that without the Lord and His Law we are doomed!

    However, I have also accepted that He has smiled upon America and
    us with the election of President Trump. If you are looking for any
    change in what you have described, one small footstep has been
    inserted in the continuing operation of our Government that will
    eventually empower selected leaders to take the drastic action required
    to disrupt the status quo?

    President Trump has the background in his financial/building dealings
    that long term CHANGE cannot be instituted by an immediate order or
    law. Talking (words) are soothing to the public, but ACTION, doing is
    what produces effects in the operation of government!

    I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh that President Trump’s exposure
    with his speech to Congress created a devastating effect on the democratics
    who have never heard or paid any attention the the pre-election Trump
    rallys. The American (and World) audience to the speech was exposed to
    the petty, juvenile actions of the democrat members who attended.

    Please take the attitude that this phenomenal presentation by President
    Trump could not be as momentous by a Cruz, Kasich, Rubio or Fiorina?

    Because of the fact that President Trump is totally outside the current
    political establishment, every action he takes will be dramatically
    emphasized by the drive-by media, democratics and Ant-Trumpers
    in the GOP, making each action universally evident with or without
    their cooperation?

    We have just lived thru the most disruptive, non-achieving eight years
    and are now evolving into a new process of American Progress!

    Don’t give up the idea that We Can Make America Great Again!

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