LESSONS IN LOGIC: The 2017 Audi Super Bowl Commercial is Total Propaganda

The title of this post is rather bold, but it is also the Truth.  Audi not only revealed themselves to be a hypocritical company, but, in defending the message in their commercial, they have admitted they intentionally lied.  If you have a few minutes, I can prove each of these claims to you.

First, for those who did not watch the Super Bowl, or who have not seen the Audi commercial, here is the commercial as it aired:

The public reaction to this commercial was immediate, and harsh.  This caused Audi to make a public statement defending the message in its commercial.  However, it also showed that Audi was not only acting hypocritically, but that it was intentionally deceiving its audience to push a political agenda.  Here is just a small sample of the twitter exchange where Audi admitted their hypocrisy and that they intentionally lied.

When Audi was challenged because they pay their own female employees less than the men, they defended themselves by saying “When we account for all the various factors…”  This is an admission that they pay women less.  This is also an admission that there are many factors that go into determining “equal qualifications” between men and women — which is exactly what those who object to the claims of pay inequality have been arguing for years!

But Audi does not get to have things both ways.  Either there are many factors that go into calculating whether or not a given woman and a given man actually are equally qualified, or there aren’t.  If there are such factors, then Audi is being hypocritical when they try to make this claim to explain why they pay women less.  And if there those factors do not exist, then Audi is being hypocritical for paying their female employees less than the men.  Either way, Audi is being hypocritical.
Next, it has been demonstrated that there actually are many factors that go into determining whether or not a given woman and a given man actually are equally qualified.  Audi knows this.  All employers know this.  It has been published many times and, in defending their own hypocrisy, Audi acknowledged it:
In spite of its narrowing, the gender pay gap persists. Why is this? In our survey, women were more likely to say they had taken career interruptions to care for their family. And research has shown that these types of interruptions can have an impact on long-term earnings. Roughly four-in-ten mothers say they have taken a significant amount of time off from work (39%) or reduced their work hours (42%) to care for a child or other family member. Roughly a quarter (27%) say they have quit work altogether to take care of these familial responsibilities. (Fewer men say the same. For example, just 24% of fathers say they have taken a significant amount of time off to care for a child or other family member.)
There are more such serious pieces, and they all say the same thing: when everything is factored in, women who actually are as equally qualified as male counterparts earn the same amounts for equal work.  This then means that Audi lied to their audience.  They knew that they were intentionally presenting a distortion.  We know they knew this because they made the same argument to defend themselves as revealed in the studies on this issue.  Now, when someone distorts facts for the purpose of intentionally deceiving others, that is called a lie.  This means Audi willingly lied to their audience.
Finally, Audi claimed the ‘Progressive’ mantle.  This is a clear indication of political agenda.  And when one lies to push a political agenda, it is called propaganda.  Therefore, Audi is guilty of being a hypocritical company that lies to its potential customers and produces propaganda disguised as a commercial.  Now, we may find these conclusions objectionable (at least, I hope we do), but we cannot reject the conclusions because they are all by definition.  Besides, the only way to deny the conclusion is to deny what Audi actually did (i.e. reality), and anyone who chooses to deny reality…  Well, the word that describes a person who rejects reality is even less palatable than calling Audi a hypocritical, lying propagandist.
OK, this is a blog based on a Christian-based world view, so, how should a believer reconcile the teachings of Scripture with the reality of what I just explained?  Well, there are a few things I would ask you to consider in making up your own mind.  First, Scripture never tells us to reject reality.  In fact, it teaches us to do just the opposite: to understand the way things really are.  Second, Scripture does not teach us to accept behavior that is against God’s Laws.  In this case, Audi is bearing false witness on several counts.  They are also pushing a political agenda that is contrary with God’s Word.  The Progressive agenda teaches that man is his own god, and that government should be the focus of our faith and trust.  But God says He is God, and that He is the only One in Whom we should place our faith and trust.  So, clearly, a Christian should reject Audi’s behavior as well as the political agenda it is pushing.  But what of Christ’s command to love one another?  Remember, Christ said to ‘agape’ each other, and agape love does not ignore or deny reality.  Agape love is what we might call ‘tough love.’  So, how does one show tough love to someone who is doing wrong?  Well, that is a question for each individual believer to answer.  However, if you think it prohibits a believer from using the correct words in connection to a person or group, I would remind you that Christ, Himself, called the Pharisees a bunch of hypocrites (Jesus also called the Pharisees a brood of vipers, which connected them directly to the image of the serpent.  Now think: when Christ used the image of the serpent against the Pharisees, what was He actually calling them?)
[NOTE: I have placed this blog in the Lord’s hands.  I am no longer cross-blogging to other sites.  I am not pushing this blog in any way.  If others are going to find it, and if it is going to grow, it will be up to the Lord to make it happen through you, the reader.  If you like this post, or find it to be of any value, then please share it with others.  Otherwise, I will simply continue to share the understandings I have been given and, as I said earlier, I will leave the fruit of my effort for the Lord to handle.]



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