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UNDERSTANDING SCRIPTURE: Has the Size of Your Jesus Been ‘Lost in Translation?’

Believers have all heard that Jesus is ‘The Word,’ but I wonder: How many of us truly understand what that means? I know I didn’t — not until I read John 1 in Greek.  But, once I did, I understood … Continue reading



It is one of the skeptics’ most abused teachings of Christ, because it is one of the least understood by believers.  I am speaking about the parable of the speck in our neighbor’s eye and the plank in our own … Continue reading


CONNECTING THE DOTS: Before You Dismiss the Accusations of a Trump-Russia Connection…

In my last post, I chastised the political Left in America for their attacks on Obama.  Though they may have a point, they have no moral credibility.  They were blind to all the lawlessness under Obama (as well as with … Continue reading


HYPOCRISY IN THE HEADLINES: The Left’s Attack On Trump’s Alleged Ties to Communists

I cannot stand the hypocrisy in this nation any longer.  I will no longer tolerate hypocrisy from the people who are supposed to be leading, protecting and informing this nation — especially when they are using it to push personal … Continue reading


CONNECTING THE DOTS: How Abortion is Connected to the American Left’s Defense of Illegal Aliens

I wonder how many people realize that abortion is directly related to the American Left’s defense of illegal aliens?  On the surface, the two issues would not seem to be connected — but they are.  If you will give me … Continue reading


LAWLESSNESS: 9th Circuit Ruling on Trump Travel ban is an Open Display of Lawlessness

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I’ve been blogging for about seven years know, and the law has been one of my primary focal points.  However, since I am not a lawyer, and I do not hold any type of formal law degree, I am often … Continue reading


LESSONS IN LOGIC: The 2017 Audi Super Bowl Commercial is Total Propaganda

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The title of this post is rather bold, but it is also the Truth.  Audi not only revealed themselves to be a hypocritical company, but, in defending the message in their commercial, they have admitted they intentionally lied.  If you … Continue reading