I’m not here to argue for or against either side in these matters.  Instead, I am going to ask the reader to consider a little history.  When I’m finished, I’m going to ask a simple question.  Then you’ll have to decide what your answer says about the things you actually believe as opposed to what you think you believe.

During his press conference yesterday, Donald Trump accused CNN of being ‘fake news.’  His supporters loved it, but those on the other side of the isle were shocked, horrified and angered that he would dare to say such a thing about CNN.  But how many of those who objected to Trump calling CNN fake news agreed with Obama when he called FOX ‘fake news?’

The recent stories about Russia ‘hacking’ our election allege that there is some sort of nefarious connection between President Elect, Trump, and Russian President, Putin.  Those on the other side of the isle from Trump have been trying to push this as an excuse to set aside the election results.  But how many of these same people dismissed the criminal actions that were exposed by these supposed Russian hacks?  And how many have ignored the known ties between Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization that has openly stated its goal is to overthrow the government of the United States and replace it with an Islamic Caliphate?  Or the fact that Obama spent $350,000 trying to influence Israel’s last election?

President Elect, Trump, has been accused of being a racist woman hater.  Yet, the same people who level these accusations against him ignored it when Hillary blamed and jailed an innocent man over her bungling of Benghazi.  And they ignored Hillary’s open embrace of the historic racism in the Progressive movement when she publicly and proudly embraced the early 20th Century Progressives?  The very people who founded and supported the KKK.  Or Obama’s open support for the racially-charged agenda of Black Lives Matter?

I keep hearing that Trump is unqualified to be President because he has never been in government before.  Setting aside the fact that the majority of men who founded this nation had never been in government before the Revolution, how is it these people can so easily overlook the fact that Obama had even less experience handling matters such as this when he ran for President than Trump?

Those on the other side of the isle from Trump have been warning that he will be a ‘Hitler’ even before trump takes office.  OK, I see why they may be worried about this.  But how is it these same people not only ignored, but defended Obama when he was acting like Hitler?  After all, Obama has openly ignored, violated U.S. law and the Constitution on many occasions.  The GM bailout and multiple re-writes of Obamacare are just two of many examples.

Trump’s opponents claim that he will get us into a war.  So how is it they have ignored the expansion of U.S. military involvement around the world that took place under Obama?  Or Hillary’s hand in running guns to Al Qaeda and ISIS combatants in Libya and Syria?

Trump’s opponents have claimed he is a racist and hates Muslims.  But where were these same people when Americans were being destroyed for trying to defend their Christian religious beliefs?  Or when Obama dismissed convictions against Black Panther terrorists who had confessed to voter intimidation?  Or when Obama added to incitement of violence against the police?  Or defended illegal aliens who were killing innocent American citizens?

You see, the majority of people who support Trump were afraid of what Obama would do to their rights before he was elected.  As it turned out, they were entirely justified in their fears.  Obama waged open war against the people he belittled as “clinging to their Bibles and their guns.”  And they were equally justified to fear Hillary, who called them “deplorables.”  They had no reason to believe Hillary would be any better, so why should they have trusted her?  But this does not vindicate Trump supporters because  Obama and Hillary supporters have just as much reason to fear Trump.  Trump has given just as many warning signs that he will be little different from Obama or Hillary.  It’s just that, because they think he is on ‘their side,’ they are willing to give Trump a pass.  In some cases, they may even be hoping Trump will dish out some ‘payback.’  Which brings me to my question for the reader:

If you only oppose something when ‘the other side’ does it, are you really against it it, or just the team doing it?

[HINT: Saying “it’s different’ or “they’re not the same thing” to any of the examples I provided above is pretty much proof that you only care about the team doing it, because — in each case — I addressed the same principle, it just manifested itself differently depending on the people involved.]



  1. [But how many of those who objected to Trump calling CNN fake news agreed with Obama when he called FOX ‘fake news?’]
    …Fox is not very conservative IMO. I wrote me a little old poem about it:

    • El,

      The only problem I have with your poem is that, by singling out a specific network, many people may imply that you support the other networks — especially since you used the term, ‘fauxnews.’ I can assure you, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC news are just as, if not more ‘fake’ in their coverage. In fact, as much as I am inclined to agree with you in principle, FOX News is among the few networks that I cannot remember getting caught faking or reporting fake news. Just saying…

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