Eight years ago today, Obama was inaugurated.  Some time before that, Rush Limbaugh famously quipped that he “Hoped Obama failed” and the Left lashed out at him and all those who agreed with him.  The Left claimed it was racist and un-American to attack Obama, and they bemoaned the fact that the Right wouldn’t even give Obama a chance before they tried to destroy him.  Now today, that same Left has done the exact same thing they criticized the Right for doing.  They have said they hope Trump fails and have set out to destroy him — even before he has taken office.  But this time, the Left has gone way beyond a simple case of hypocrisy. No, this time, they have clearly shown what is really in their hearts, and it exposes and convicts them for who they are beyond shadow of any doubt.

When Limbaugh said he hoped Obama failed, he meant that he hoped Obama’s agenda would fail.  This is because Obama had openly stated that he intended to destroy whatever remained of the nation as it was founded.  Obama believes that — as founded — America was ‘flawed.’  He said so many times.  It is a matter of public record.  But by ‘flawed,’ Obama meant evil.  Again, he said it, so this is not a matter of ‘my opinion.’  It is fact, and those who do not like it need to take it up with the Obama’s.  That means Michelle, too, because she believes the same thing, and said so publicly, as well.  So, what did Rush want to fail?  He wanted Obama’s attempts to destroy the last vestiges of America to fail.

Now, jump forward to today.  What does it mean when the Left said that it was ‘un-American’ to attack Obama and hope for his failure? And — more importantly — what does it mean when that same Left now says they hope Trump fails in his agenda to restore something of original founding ideals of America?  The answer is simple: it means the Left is un-American — period!  This is by definition, which means it is a fact and not open to debate.  You see, America is an ideal, not a place.  Benjamin Franklin said so very clearly, and our founders all agreed.  America is about the belief that men can live freely while governing themselves according to the rule of law and with a focus on protecting the individual’s rights and liberties.  The Left, however, is about the rule of the Party in charge and their belief in social or group rights at the expense of the individual.  This belief is manifest in the pursuit of equality of outcome, even at the expense of the rights and property of innocent people.  This is a negation of the American ideal, and the Left has finally made this fact painfully clear.  By openly attacking those who opposed Obama’s socialist agenda, and by openly attacking those who try to restore the American ideal, the Left has proven — once and for all — that they are the ones who are truly un-American.

Now, Trump is in office and the Left has made it known they intend to destroy him and his agenda, and they will do anything to achieve that goal.  It is already clear that the truth will be among their first victims, as the Left has started to willingly and openly lie about the problems Obama had, and the things Trump has said he plans to do.  So I ask the reader, how does one find common ground with people who have openly stated they want to destroy everything yin which you believe, and are even willing to destroy the truth in the pursuit of that goal?  But more than what it says about the people who have demonstrated their hatred for America and the ideal for which it stands, what does it say about those who try to find common ground with them?  History has a clear example of what happens to such people, and of the inevitable result of their foolishness.  In case the reader is wondering what that example may be, let me offer this little reminder:



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